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Healthy as pHuck Sweatshirt

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    Ok, let's talk about pH...Sometimes it’s neutral, sometimes it’s high or low… but what exactly is pH? And, more importantly, how does it affect our health?

    The abbreviation pH stands for potential hydrogen, and it tells us how much hydrogen is in liquids—and how active the hydrogen ion is. The human body has a natural pH of 7.4 and it needs to maintain this level in order to function at its peak. Everything we consume has its own pH level. So our bodies are constantly working to restore the fragile balance that’s temporarily disrupted whenever we eat or drink something that’s too acidic or alkaline. This process is called cellular homeostasis—the body’s ability to maintain balance in the face of external challenges.

    And then there's zinc, found in plant foods like fruits and veggies, which is an essential nutrient needed for proper immune function.

    Now do you get it? Healthy as pHuck :) because we are focused on a well-balanced, alkaline diet over here! 

    Classic crewneck and super soft, plush fleece inside feels like something you’ll have forever. There is a limited quantity, so grab it before it's gone!